About Us

thumb1 Established in year 2010, we at Chicho Hotel realized from the word go that with hotel business you cannot go wrong, but still there is one that stands out from the rest and that is what we wanted of Chicho Hotel. We at Chicho Hotel wanted to be setting the standards for all the rest in Marsabit, while striving to be the best in Marsabit and the region. As we set out to deliver our services from cooking; serving and even packing takeaways as Chicho Hotel; ours was a hotel with a difference unbeatable quality to suit the needs of every customer who walks through our doors. The unmatched quality of food and the room’s quality service offers the best value for money to most of our clients.

Chichos Step by Step Growth


When Chicho Hotel opened its doors in the year 2010 we started as a small family business and every bit of our service was personalized. To this day our services are personalized and we are rated as one of the best hotels in Marsabit. We have grown from a one room hotel serving home cooked meals to a hotel with accommodation services, the number notwithstanding, all our customers are still treated as personal guests. It is home away from home with all your essential needs taken careof.

As Chicho investing to maintain efficiency and personalized service has been at the heart of laying the foundation as we grow from one level to the next. Chicho Hotel focuses on improving our services to the best of our ability and to the satisfaction of our clients and customers. Chicho is connected to the world through the room wireless access ensuring smooth communication and working environment for our clients while linking Chicho to the outside world.